0.30ct to 0.39ct

Heart & Arrows





CaratColourClaritySELLING PRICE18K SETTINGOutletCut/ Symmetry / PolishCertificate|
0.30DVS1 $1,595 Lady's RingJoo ChiatEx|Ex|ExGIA|743229
0.30DVVS1 $1,827 Lady's RingNexEx|Ex|ExGIA|734965
0.30DVVS1 $1,835 Lady's RingHQEx|Ex|ExGIA|760737
0.302DVS2 $1,507 Lady's RingNexEx|Ex|ExIGI|749456
0.305DVS2 $1,536 Lady's RingBugisEx|Ex|ExIGI|748948
0.307DSI1 $1,397 Lady's RingBugisEx|Ex|ExIGI|752453
0.31DVVS1 $1,867 Lady's RingBugisEx|Ex|ExIGI|739691
0.31DVVS1 $1,888 Lady's RingNexEx|Ex|ExGIA|760736
0.31DVVS1 $1,878 Lady's RingMarina Bay SandsEx|Ex|ExGIA|760741
0.32DVS2 $1,656 Lady's RingMarina Bay SandsEx|Ex|ExGIA|737512
0.326DSI1 $1,512 Lady's RingNexEx|Ex|ExIGI|738026
0.30ESI1 $1,469 Lady's Ring With Side DiamondsMarina Bay SandsEx|Ex|ExGIA|741950
0.30EVS1 $1,826 Men's RingL3OD%Ex|Ex|ExGIA|744157
0.30EVS2 $1,942 Men's RingMarina Bay SandsEx|Ex|ExGIA|679405
0.30EVVS1 $1,638 Lady's RingBugisEx|Ex|ExGIA|708673
0.307EVS2 $1,449 Lady's RingHQEx|Ex|ExIGI|754114
0.31EVS1 $2,302 Men's RingMarina Bay SandsEx|Ex|ExGIA|736628
0.31EVS2 $2,242 Men's RingJoo ChiatEx|Ex|ExGIA|727339
0.31EVS2 $1,492 Lady's RingJoo ChiatEx|Ex|ExGIA|735181
0.32ESI1 $1,506 Lady's Ring With Side DiamondsHQEx|Ex|ExGIA|760740
0.32EVS1 $1,583 Lady's RingNexEx|Ex|ExGIA|733604
0.32EVS2 $1,528 Lady's RingBugisEx|Ex|ExGIA|736623
0.32EVS2 $1,528 Lady's RingHQEx|Ex|ExGIA|736624
0.33ESI1 $1,465 Lady's RingJoo ChiatEx|Ex|ExIGI|726594
0.30FVS1 $1,533 Lady's Ring With Side DiamondsNexEx|Ex|ExGIA|760739
0.30FVS1 $1,499 Lady's Ring With Side DiamondsBugisEx|Ex|ExGIA|743230
0.30FSI1 $1,199 Lady's RingHQEx|Ex|ExIGI|752883
0.30FVS2 $1,559 Lady's Ring With Side DiamondsHQEx|Ex|ExIGI|750998
0.302FSI2 $1,109 PendantBugisEx|Ex|ExIGI|752877
0.303FVS1 $1,446 Lady's RingNexEx|Ex|ExIGI|745240
0.305FSI1 $1,262 Lady's RingMarina Bay SandsEx|Ex|ExIGI|752455
0.306FVS1 $1,466 Lady's RingMarina Bay SandsEx|Ex|ExIGI|745214
0.307FSI1 $1,999 Men's RingHQEx|Ex|ExIGI|757686
0.31FVVS1 $1,589 Lady's RingMarina Bay SandsEx|Ex|ExIGI|739748
0.313FSI1 $2,009 Lady's Ring With Side DiamondsBugisEx|Ex|ExIGI|746542
0.32FVS1 $1,552 Lady's RingBugisEx|Ex|ExGIA|736674
0.32FVS2 $2,075 Lady's Ring With Side DiamondsNexEx|Ex|ExIGI|743899
0.30GVVS1 $1,515 Lady's RingJoo ChiatEx|Ex|ExIGI|739865
0.30GVVS1 $1,515 Lady's RingHQEx|Ex|ExIGI|739863
0.30GVVS1 $1,515 Lady's RingNexEx|Ex|ExIGI|739866
0.30GVVS2 $1,419 Lady's RingBugisEx|Ex|ExGIA|708667
0.30GVVS2 $1,462 Lady's RingHQEx|Ex|ExIGI|739867
0.301GVS2 $2,069 Men's RingBugisEx|Ex|ExIGI|756819
0.304GSI1 $1,975 Men's RingNexEx|Ex|ExIGI|754113
0.304GVVS1 $1,507 Lady's RingMarina Bay SandsEx|Ex|ExIGI|739693
0.31GSI1 $1,462 Lady's Ring With Side DiamondsJoo ChiatEx|Ex|ExIGI|748942
0.31GSI1 $1,475 Lady's Ring With Side DiamondsMarina Bay SandsEx|Ex|ExIGI|739973
0.31GVS2 $1,202 PendantHQEx|Ex|ExIGI|749684
0.31GVVS2 $1,478 Lady's RingJoo ChiatEx|Ex|ExIGI|739747
0.314GSI1 $1,267 Lady's RingHQEx|Ex|ExIGI|752447
0.30HVVS2 $1,403 Lady's RingHQEx|Ex|ExGIA|717948
0.31HSI1 $1,355 Lady's Ring With Side DiamondsNexEx|Ex|ExSIG|718463
0.30IVS2 $1,548 Lady's Ring With Side DiamondsJoo ChiatEx|Ex|ExGIA|633645
0.31IVS1 $1,997 Lady's Ring With Side DiamondsNexEx|Ex|ExGIA|697270
0.31IVS2 $1,139 Lady's RingHQEx|Ex|ExSIG|752046
0.33IVS2 $1,528 Men's RingHQEx|Ex|ExGIA|725441
0.34ISI1 $1,027 Lady's RingMarina Bay SandsEx|Ex|ExSIG|737768
0.38LVS2 $1,107 Lady's RingMarina Bay SandsEx|Ex|ExSIG|712317
0.36MVS2$932Lady's RingMarina Bay SandsEx|Ex|ExSIG|752117

Normal Cut Collection


CaratColourClaritySELLING PRICE18K SETTINGOutletCut/ Symmetry / PolishCertificate|Barcode
0.30DVS2 $1,285 Lady's RingBugisEx|Vg|VgGIA|734970
0.30DVS2 $1,319 Lady's RingHQEx|Ex|ExGIA|735075
0.30DVS2 $1,299 Lady's RingMarina Bay SandsEx|Ex|VgGIA|735076
0.30DVS2 $1,366 Lady's RingNexEx|Ex|VgGIA|738425
0.31DVVS1 $1,445 Lady's RingBugisVg|Vg|VgGIA|749748
0.31DVVS1 $1,437 Lady's RingNexVg|Vg|VgGIA|749749
0.31EVS1 $1,187 Lady's RingHQEx|Ex|ExGIA|724128
0.31FVS1 $1,112 Lady's RingNexEx|Vg|VgIGI|726595
0.34HVS2 $1,195 Lady's RingHQVg|Vg|ExSIG|482986
0.38KVS2 $1,686 Men's RingMarina Bay SandsVg|Vg|VgSIG|495252
0.33LVS1$868Lady's RingHQVg|Vg|ExSIG|657657
0.31MVS1$798Lady's RingMarina Bay SandsG|Vg|ExSIG|657654
0.36NVS2$863Lady's RingJoo ChiatVg|Vg|ExSIG|657631


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