0.40ct to 0.49ct

Heart & Arrows





CaratColourClaritySELLING PRICE18K SETTINGOutletCut/ Symmetry / PolishCertificate/ Barcode
0.40DSI1 $2,092 Lady's RingNexEx|Ex|ExIGI|752080
0.40DVS2 $2,366 Lady's RingBugisEx|Ex|ExGIA|734966
0.40DVVS1 $2,879 Lady's RingNexEx|Ex|ExGIA|760744
0.40EVS1 $2,372 Lady's Ring With Side DiamondsBugisEx|Ex|ExGIA|737986
0.40ESI1 $2,026 Lady's Ring With Side DiamondsJooChiatEx|Ex|ExIGI|748963
0.40ESI1 $1,878 Lady's RingHQEx|Ex|ExIGI|760592
0.40EVS1 $2,999 Lady's Ring With Side DiamondsJooChiatEx|Ex|ExGIA|710765
0.40EVS2 $2,222 Lady's RingNexEx|Ex|ExGIA|735177
0.402ESI1 $1,972 Lady's RingNexEx|Ex|ExIGI|738405
0.403ESI1 $2,853 Lady's Ring With Side DiamondsBugisEx|Ex|ExIGI|756469
0.407EVS2 $2,289 Lady's RingHQEx|Ex|ExIGI|741911
0.41EVS2 $3,819 Lady's Ring With Side DiamondsJooChiatEx|Ex|ExGIA|671648
0.41EVS2 $2,285 Lady's RingMarina Bay SandsEx|Ex|ExIGI|739149
0.41EVS2 $2,253 Lady's RingMarina Bay SandsEx|Ex|ExIGI|739697
0.40FVS2 $2,098 Lady's RingNexEx|Ex|ExIGI|752081
0.40FVS2 $2,129 Lady's RingJooChiatEx|Ex|ExGIA|739896
0.40FVVS1 $2,409 Lady's RingNexEx|Ex|ExGIA|710770
0.405FSI1 $1,992 Lady's Ring With Side DiamondsMarina Bay SandsEx|Ex|ExIGI|757255
0.41FSI1 $2,667 Men's RingJooChiatEx|Ex|ExGIA|715150
0.41FVS2 $2,149 Lady's RingNexEx|Ex|ExIGI|739153
0.411FVS2 $2,179 Lady's RingBugisEx|Ex|ExIGI|741912
0.40GVS2 $2,123 Lady's Ring With Side DiamondsJooChiatEx|Ex|ExGIA|714047
0.40GVS2 $2,145 Lady's Ring With Side DiamondsHQEx|Ex|ExGIA|735183
0.40GSI1 $1,945 Lady's Ring With Side DiamondsHQEx|Ex|ExGIA|756467
0.40GVS1 $2,193 Lady's RingBugisEx|Ex|ExGIA|735180
0.40GVS2 $2,102 Lady's RingNexEx|Ex|ExGIA|736622
0.40GVVS1 $2,307 Lady's RingHQEx|Ex|ExGIA|698676
0.40GVVS1 $2,328 Lady's RingNexEx|Ex|ExGIA|715151
0.40GVVS2 $2,237 Lady's RingJooChiatEx|Ex|ExGIA|698867
0.40GVVS2 $2,202 Lady's RingMarina Bay SandsEx|Ex|ExGIA|700267
0.403GSI1 $1,865 Lady's RingMarina Bay SandsEx|Ex|ExIGI|739858
0.403GVS2 $2,085 Lady's RingBugisEx|Ex|ExIGI|739854
0.406GVS2 $2,262 Lady's Ring With Side DiamondsBugisEx|Ex|ExIGI|756468
0.41GVS2 $2,122 Lady's Ring With Side DiamondsMarina Bay SandsEx|Ex|ExGIA|749762
0.41GVS2 $2,142 Lady's RingMarina Bay SandsEx|Ex|ExGIA|736677
0.41GVS2 $2,106 Lady's RingBugisEx|Ex|ExGIA|739895
0.41GVVS1 $2,307 Lady's RingHQEx|Ex|ExGIA|742029
0.413GVS2 $2,119 Lady's RingHQEx|Ex|ExIGI|743700
0.415GSI1 $1,899 Lady's RingNexEx|Ex|ExIGI|743549
0.40HVS1 $1,986 Lady's RingNexEx|Ex|ExGIA|739900
0.403HVS2 $1,852 Lady's RingMarina Bay SandsEx|Ex|ExIGI|756825
0.407HVS2 $1,872 Lady's RingJooChiatEx|Ex|ExIGI|739698
0.409HVS2 $1,899 Lady's RingNexEx|Ex|ExIGI|737967
0.411HVS1 $2,248 Lady's Ring With Side DiamondsHQEx|Ex|ExIGI|737858
0.413HSI1 $1,812 Lady's RingBugisEx|Ex|ExIGI|738027
0.40IVS2 $2,792 #Men's RingBugisEx|Ex|ExGIA|713348
0.40IVVS1 $1,746 Lady's RingJooChiatEx|Ex|ExGIA|738399
0.401IVVS2 $1,768 Lady's RingNexEx|Ex|ExIGI|738310
0.41IVS2 $1,626 Lady's RingMarina Bay SandsEx|Ex|ExIGI|739739
0.41IVS2 $1,467 Lady's RingJooChiatVg|Ex|ExSIG|752123
0.413IVS1 $1,709 Lady's RingBugisEx|Ex|ExIGI|739892
0.40JSI1 $1,235 Lady's RingMarina Bay SandsEx|Vg|ExSIG|752135
0.40JVS1 $1,462 Lady's RingBugisEx|Ex|ExGIA|737983
0.40JVVS2 $1,597 Lady's RingBugisEx|Ex|ExIGI|738307
0.42JVS1 $1,456 Lady's RingMarina Bay SandsEx|Ex|ExSIG|737592
0.42JVVS2 $1,509 Lady's RingHQVg|Vg|ExSIG|737764
0.43JVS2 $1,452 Lady's RingHQEx|Ex|ExSIG|731916
0.43JVVS2 $1,573 Lady's RingMarina Bay SandsEx|Ex|ExSIG|737666
0.44JVS1 $1,488 Lady's RingHQEx|Ex|ExSIG|752122
0.44JVS2 $1,426 Lady's RingNexEx|Vg|ExSIG|752138
0.41KVS2 $1,265 Lady's RingMarina Bay SandsEx|Vg|ExSIG|712440
0.40LVS2 $1,252 Lady's RingBugisEx|Ex|ExSIG|712319
0.40MVS1 $1,133 Lady's RingMarina Bay SandsVg|Vg|ExSIG|730467
0.40MVS2 $1,046 Lady's RingBugisEx|Vg|ExSIG|730692
0.40MVS2 $1,046 Lady's RingNexEx|Vg|ExSIG|752124
0.42MVS1 $1,469 Men's RingNexEx|Ex|ExSIG|672846
0.42MVS2 $1,392 Men's RingJooChiatEx|Vg|ExSIG|672847
0.40NVS2$909Lady's RingNexEx|Ex|ExSIG|754158

Normal Cut Collection


CaratColourClaritySELLING PRICE18K SETTINGOutletCut/ Symmetry / PolishCertificate/ Barcode
0.40DSI1 $1,545 Lady's RingNexVg|Vg|ExGIA|714703
0.40DVS2 $1,755 Lady's RingJooChiatVg|Vg|ExGIA|721127
0.40EVS2 $1,902 Lady's RingBJ/Marina Bay SandsEx|Ex|ExGIA|739898
0.40GVVS2 $1,979 Lady's RingMarina Bay SandsEx|Ex|ExGIA|717111
0.41ISI1 $1,179 Lady's RingHQEx|Vg|ExSIG|751004
0.40JVS1 $1,282 Lady's RingJooChiatVg|Vg|ExSIG|703482
0.40JVS2 $1,459 Lady's RingNexEx|Ex|ExGIA|718233
0.40JVVS1 $1,448 Lady's RingHQG|Ex|VgIGI|726591
0.40KVS1 $1,147 Lady's RingMarina Bay SandsEx|Ex|ExGIA|689786
0.41KVS2 $1,149 Lady's RingNexEx|Ex|ExSIG|719280
0.40MVS2 $1,472 Men's RingHQVg|Vg|ExSIG|718926


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