0.50ct to 0.69ct

Heart & Arrows





CaratColourClaritySELLING PRICE18K SETTINGOutletCut/ Symmetry / PolishCertificate/ Barcode
0.50DVS2 $3,926 Lady's RingHQEx|Ex|ExGIA|762439
0.50DVS2 $3,885 Lady's RingBugisEx|Ex|ExGIA|758174
0.51DSI1 $3,482 Lady's RingMarina Bay SandsEx|Ex|ExIGI|745236
0.51DVS2 $3,955 Lady's RingNexEx|Ex|ExGIA|758177
0.51DVS2 $3,902 Lady's RingBugisEx|Ex|ExGIA|762438
0.51DVVS1 $5,586 Lady's RingHQEx|Ex|ExGIA|662419
0.50ESI1 $3,123 Lady's Ring With Side DiamondsBugisEx|Ex|ExGIA|762436
0.50EVS2 $3,598 Lady's RingBugisEx|Ex|ExGIA|762441
0.51EVS2 $3,886 Lady's Ring With Side DiamondsMarina Bay SandsEx|Ex|ExGIA|732900
0.51EVS2 $3,662 Lady's RingNexEx|Ex|ExGIA|758179
0.50FVS2 $3,545 Lady's Ring With Side DiamondsHQEx|Ex|ExGIA|762440
0.50FVS2 $4,099 Lady's Ring With Side DiamondsNexEx|Ex|ExGIA|760344
0.50FVS2 $4,507 Men's RingBugisEx|Ex|ExGIA|708533
0.50FVS2 $4,117 Lady's Ring With Side DiamondsBugisEx|Ex|ExGIA|754121
0.50FVS2 $4,099 Lady's Ring With Side DiamondsHQEx|Ex|ExGIA|757685
0.504FVS2 $4,732 Men's Ring With Side DiamondsHQEx|Ex|ExIGI|756470
0.522FSI1 $4,917 Men's Ring With Side DiamondsMarina Bay SandsEx|Ex|ExIGI|746540
0.529FSI1 $4,039 Lady's Ring With Side DiamondsJoo ChiatEx|Ex|ExIGI|754119
0.50GSI1 $4,012 Men's RingHQEx|Ex|ExGIA|708535
0.50GSI1 $3,709 Men's Ring With Side DiamondsBugisEx|Ex|ExGIA|715191
0.50GVS2 $3,822 Lady's Ring With Side DiamondsMarina Bay SandsEx|Ex|ExGIA|760346
0.50GVVS2 $3,255 Lady's RingJoo ChiatEx|Ex|ExSIG|739984
0.51GVS2 $4,638 Lady's Ring With Side DiamondsHQEx|Ex|ExGIA|628390
0.52GVS2 $3,519 Lady's RingNexEx|Ex|ExGIA|752866
0.53GVS2 $4,195 Men's RingNexEx|Ex|ExGIA|699239
0.50HVS2 $3,159 Lady's RingHQEx|Ex|ExGIA|752354
0.50HVS2 $3,275 Lady's RingMarina Bay SandsEx|Ex|ExGIA|752863
0.56IVS2 $2,587 Lady's RingBugisEx|Ex|ExSIG|752041
0.51JVS2 $2,152 Lady's RingBugisEx|Ex|ExSIG|752126
0.58JVVS1 $3,083 Lady's RingJoo ChiatEx|Ex|ExGIA|738003
0.51KVS2 $1,938 Lady's RingHQVg|Ex|ExSIG|737788
0.51KVVS2 $2,248 Lady's RingNexEx|Ex|ExGIA|738007
0.52KVS2 $1,957 Lady's RingMarina Bay SandsEx|Vg|ExSIG|730251
0.52KVS2 $2,132 Lady's RingNexEx|Vg|ExSIG|737791
0.55KVS2 $2,129 Lady's RingBugisEx|Ex|ExSIG|737787
0.58KSI1 $2,149 Lady's RingNexEx|Ex|ExSIG|737816
0.54LVS2 $2,098 Lady's RingMarina Bay SandsEx|Ex|ExSIG|737813
0.55LVVS2 $2,296 Lady's RingBugisEx|Ex|ExIGI|738408
0.59LSI1 $2,066 Lady's RingNexEx|Ex|ExSIG|737776
0.59LVS2 $2,147 Lady's RingJoo ChiatEx|Vg|ExSIG|743845
0.51MVS2 $1,618 Lady's RingHQEx|Ex|ExSIG|752125
0.56MVS1 $1,938 Lady's RingHQEx|Vg|ExSIG|720502
0.56MVS2 $1,759 Lady's RingNexEx|Vg|ExSIG|756471
0.59MSI1 $1,936 Lady's RingMarina Bay SandsEx|Ex|ExSIG|737796
0.63MVS1 $2,185 Lady's RingJoo ChiatEx|Ex|ExIGI|744994
0.51NSI1 $1,635 Lady's RingJoo ChiatVg|Vg|ExSIG|680120

Normal Cut Collection


CaratColourClaritySELLING PRICE18K SETTINGOutletCut/ Symmetry / PolishCertificate/ Barcode
0.50EVS2 $3,105 Lady's RingJoo ChiatVg|Ex|VgGIA|742499
0.50EVS2 $2,923 Lady's RingHQVg|Ex|VgGIA|752865
0.50EVS2 $3,197 Lady's RingNexVg|Vg|ExGIA|742530
0.50HVVS1 $3,013 Lady's RingMarina Bay SandsG|G|GSIG|731279
0.52JVS2 $1,832 Lady's RingMarina Bay SandsVg|Vg|ExSIG|720656
0.50KVVS1 $2,102 Lady's RingHQEx|Ex|ExGIA|741867
0.51KVS2 $1,513 Lady's RingMarina Bay SandsVg|Vg|ExSIG|672833
0.52KVVS1 $2,088 Lady's RingNexEx|Ex|ExGIA|739878
0.61KVS1 $2,409 Lady's RingNexVg|Vg|VgGIA|666807
0.52LVS2 $1,958 Lady's RingHQEx|Ex|ExIGI|737987
0.52LVVS2 $1,637 Lady's RingMarina Bay SandsG|Ex|VgIGI|694641
0.51MVS2 $1,715 Lady's RingHQEx|Ex|ExIGI|737988
0.52MVS2 $1,735 Lady's RingNexVg|Vg|ExSIG|627383
0.59MVS2 $1,413 Lady's RingJoo ChiatEx|Vg|ExSIG|737503
0.54NVS1 $1,408 Lady's RingJoo ChiatEx|Vg|ExSIG|737504


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