Diamond & Gold Facts

Features / Benefits of Gold

  1. Gold is hypo allergic. Gold will not react when contacted with skin. Skin reactions will only the results dues to the other metals alloys in contact with skin.
  2. Gold does not rust, corrode, tarnish and is and a neutral metal. This will allow Gold to retain its brightness and luster from fading over time.
  3. Due to its 18K yellow gold content, our Italian 18K yellow gold jewellery is affordable and it is a great substitute for 22K, 24K yellow gold and platinum.
  4. 18K yellow gold and its metal mixture, it gives 18K yellow gold items a rich champagne gold in colour. This also allows the jewellery to be tougher and durable when wearing.
  5. As 18K yellow gold jewellery is lighter when compared with 22K and 24K. The prices for these 18KY are priced more affordably.

Care for Gold Jewellery

  1. Be wary of makeup, moisture and chemicals that may affect your gold jewellery appearance.
  2. Avoid wearing gold jewellery when performing manual labor task such as housework.
  3. Keep gold jewellery out of swimming pool with chlorine, as chlorine can damage the jewellery over time.
  4. Clean your jewellery periodically, this will ensure its fine appearance and will help its luster to last longer. To clean, use warm soapy water to soak your jewellery items.
  5. Check for scratches or other damages and bring it back to your jeweler’s for repair or replanting of your items
3 Diamond Cut PIc 1 Diamonds
Created by geologic processes at great depths within Earth and rises to the earth’s surface in rare molten rock, diamonds are made of pure carbon, a natural crystalline mineral.
Diamonds represents an everlasting symbol of purity, love and unity.
The 5 Cs, namely, the Cut, Carat weight, Clarity, Colour and Certificate of the diamond determines the value of the diamond.
3 Diamond Cut Pic 2 Cut
A cut that is too deep or too shallow causes light leakage from the sides or bottom of the diamond.
A perfect cut diamond will set off the brilliance, fire and scintillation of the diamond.
Weight Chat Carat Weight
The weight of a diamond is measured in carats.
One carat equals 0.20 grams and is divided into 100 points.
Thus, a diamond of 0.25 carats could also be described as a 25 points diamond
Clarity Grading Clarity
Virtually all diamonds have natural characteristics. Clarity refers to the presence of tiny natural characteristics inclusions within the diamond, and/or on the surface of a diamond.
The clarity of a diamond is graded by experienced gemologists under 10 times magnification.
Considerations in grading the clarity of a diamond include the number, size, brightness and location of the internal and external characteristics.
Colour Scale Colour
Each diamond is colour graded from “D” to “Z” where “D” is totally colourless and “Z” is light
Due to a diamond’s high brilliance and dispersion of light when looking through the diamond’s table or crown, colour grading should be determined by examining the diamond through the side of the pavilion and not looking at the top
To determine the colour, a diamond is placed face down and compared to an internationally accepted master set of stones under controlled lighting and precise viewing conditions
Colorimeter will also be used to increase the reliability and accuracy of the colour grading of diamondsThe latest trend in n America, Europe and Asia is that of fancy yellow and fancy brown diamonds
A rare and collector’s jewellery piece, it blends well with the Asian skin toneFancy yellow diamonds symbolizes the shimmering brilliance of the sun, it also offers an energetic and cheerful feel.
It is also the Asian colour of royalty and strengthDiamond graders look at the table of the fancy yellow or brown diamonds to grade colour
There are 5 colour grades for fancy yellow diamonds:
1    Fancy Very Light Yellow
2    Fancy Light Yellow
3    Fancy Yellow
4    Fancy Intense Yellow
5    Fancy Vivid YellowFancy brown diamonds symbolizes trust, comfort and stability.
There are 6 colour grades for fancy brown diamonds:
1    Fancy Very Light Brown
2    Fancy Light Brown
3    Fancy Brown
4    Fancy Intense Brown
5    Fancy Deep Brown
6    Fancy Vivid Brown
Sample Certificate Certificate
Assuring the value of the 4Cs
Know what you are buying
Laser engraving on diamond girdle
Has trade-in valueThe Hearts & Arrows certification is issued strictly following the International Diamond Council (IDC) standards, assuring the excellent combination of cut grade, symmetry, polish and proportion of a diamond.
Be aware that although some certificates have the words “H&A” under the comments, “H&A” is not a grading of Hearts & Arrows, it just states what is inscripted on the diamond’s girdle.
Starrs HEarts and Arrows Pic 1 Starrs™ Hearts & Arrows Perfect Brilliance
International grading diamond certificate
Laser inscription number engraving on diamond girdle
Guaranteed Lowest Price In Town*
* Terms & conditions apply
Starrs HEarts and Arrows Pic 2 Hearts and Arrows – Symbolizes the 8 different love stages perfectly:  “Chance Encounter, Adoration, Allusion, Fantasy, First Kiss, Passion, Chemistry, Commitment of Enduring Fidelity”.
Precise cutting symbolizes the perfect diamond with the ultimate symbol of Hearts to stir the embers of your beloved and arrows to cross the hearts to set the passions raging.
Starrs Hearts and Arrows Pic 3 When seen through the Hearts & Arrows diamond viewer, one can clearly see eight symmetrical arrows when viewed from the top of the diamond table and eight symmetrical hearts when viewed from the bottom of the diamond
Normal round cut diamond cannot match the Hearts & Arrows diamond in terms of its brilliance, fire and scintillation
Starrs Hearts and Arrows Pic 4 Starrs™ diamond is an internationally recognised standard Perfect Cut Hearts & Arrows diamond.
Since centuries back, diamond master cutters, optical experts and gemologists had proven that 57 facets is the best to create optimum brilliance and fire.
Originally designed by mathematician Marcel Tolkowsky in 1919, only when a diamond is cut at precise angle and ratio, will it release perfect brilliance and fire.
In order to achieve these proportions, a diamond master cutter must sacrifice much more of the valuable diamond weight in order to yield a diamond of superior brilliance.
Unique Distinction The Unique Distinction
For utmost value, each Starrs™ diamond is laser inscribed with a number on the girdle, making it a unique distinction on its own.
The unique inscription logo guarantees it is a Starrs™ Hearts & Arrows Perfect Brilliance diamond.
Light Performance Card Light Performance Card
At Meyson, all 0.3ct and above GIA Certified H&A Diamonds is accompanied with a Light Performance Card.
Grading the cut of a plished round brilliant diamond involves visually assessing the diamond’s face-up appearance.
It consists of 3 components: Brilliance, Dispersion and Scintillation
Brilliance is the intensity of white light return for a diamond through internal and external reflections
Dispersion is the separation of white light into rainbow colours through internal and external refractions
Scintillation is the sparkle and flashes when a diamond is moved and light reflected from all the diamond’s facets.
blue sapphire Sapphire
Sapphire, also known as the gem of heavens symbolizes truth, sincerity and faithfulness. In addition, it is the birth stone of September.
The most valuable sapphire carries a rich intense blue. Similar with all gemstones, the sapphires with no or very slight ‘inclusions’ are the most valuable.
Sapphires are available in many cutting shapes like square or rectangular cushion shapes, marquis or pear shapes.Pink sapphire is the latest trend and popular colour in America, Europe and Asia
pink sapphire Pink sapphires are soft, gentle and feminine, symbolizing universal love and passion, creating a quietly elegant look
Unlike tourmaline, which is a semi-precious gemstone, pink sapphire has better luster, hardness and sparkle
Available in a variety of colours such as yellow and green.
ruby Ruby
Ruby, is said to inspire love, enhance creativity, wisdom and spirituality.
Symbolizing passionate love, warmth and stimulate leadership qualities.
The colours of the rubies range from red to orange-red to purple-red. The more intense the colour, the better the quality.
Other factors that affect the value of the gemstone are clarity and carat weight.
The more popular cutting shapes include oval, round, pear, marquise, square or rectangular emerald.