0.70ct to 0.99ct

Heart & Arrows





CaratColourClaritySELLING PRICE18K SETTINGOutletCut/ Symmetry / PolishCertificate/ Barcode
0.70DVS2 $6,915 Lady's RingBugisEx|Ex|ExGIA|743399
0.70DVS2 $6,695 Lady's RingHQEx|Ex|ExGIA|760745
0.90DSI1 $8,885 Lady's RingMarina Bay SandsEx|Ex|ExGIA|761309
0.70EVS2 $7,205 Lady's Ring With Side DiamondsNexEx|Ex|ExGIA|754118
0.70FSI1 $6,238 Lady's Ring With Side DiamondsJoo ChiatEx|Ex|ExGIA|717354
0.70FVS2 $6,812 Lady's Ring With Side DiamondsMarina Bay SandsEx|Ex|ExGIA|747417
0.709FVS2 $6,889 Lady's Ring With Side DiamondsBugisEx|Ex|ExIGI|750999
0.71FSI1 $6,365 Lady's Ring With Side DiamondsMarina Bay SandsEx|Ex|ExGIA|684966
0.71FVS2 $6,922 Lady's Ring With Side DiamondsHQEx|Ex|ExGIA|751000
0.70GSI1 $5,572 Lady's Ring With Side DiamondsHQEx|Ex|ExGIA|760345
0.70GVS2 $5,346 Lady's RingNexEx|Ex|ExGIA|688656
0.71GVS2 $6,617 Lady's Ring With Side DiamondsBugisEx|Ex|ExGIA|743221
0.72GVS2 $6,542 Lady's Ring With Side DiamondsJoo ChiatEx|Ex|ExGIA|750874
0.70HSI1 $4,362 Lady's RingMarina Bay SandsEx|Ex|ExGIA|760746
0.70HVS2 $5,005 Lady's RingHQEx|Ex|ExGIA|760747
0.706HVS2 $5,236 Lady's RingNexEx|Ex|ExIGI|741916
0.73HVS2 $5,372 Lady's Ring With Side DiamondsJoo ChiatEx|Ex|ExGIA|749757
0.70IVS1 $4,595 Lady's RingJoo ChiatEx|Ex|ExGIA|758665
0.71IVS2 $4,689 Lady's Ring With Side DiamondsNexEx|Ex|ExGIA|716768
0.71IVS1 $4,907 Lady's Ring With Side DiamondsNexEx|Vg|ExSIG|761705
0.73IVS2 $4,862 Lady's Ring With Side DiamondsBugisEx|Vg|ExSIG|761706
0.77IVS2 $4,142 Lady's RingBugisEx|Vg|ExSIG|761693
0.71JVS1 $3,718 Lady's RingHQEx|Vg|ExSIG|761699
0.72JSI1 $3,509 Lady's RingJoo ChiatEx|Vg|ExSIG|761702
0.72JVS2 $3,662 Lady's RingNexEx|Vg|ExSIG|761708
0.74JVS2 $3,757 Lady's RingHQEx|Vg|ExSIG|761709
0.76JVS2 $3,852 Lady's RingBugisEx|Vg|ExSIG|761710
0.78JVS2 $3,976 Lady's RingNexEx|Vg|ExSIG|761700
0.79JVS1 $4,159 Lady's RingJoo ChiatEx|Vg|ExSIG|761701
0.81JVS1 $4,309 Lady's RingBugisVg|Vg|ExSIG|761703
0.81JVS1 $4,275 Lady's RingHQVg|Vg|ExSIG|761695
0.90JVS2 $6,475 Lady's RingBugisEx|Ex|ExGIA|756323
0.92JVS2 $6,039 Lady's RingHQEx|Ex|ExGIA|747299
0.71KVS1 $3,329 Lady's RingNexEx|Vg|ExSIG|761707
0.72KSI1 $3,115 Lady's RingBugisEx|Vg|ExSIG|761698
0.73KVS1 $3,409 Lady's RingJoo ChiatEx|Vg|ExSIG|761696
0.75KVS1 $3,496 Lady's RingHQVg|Vg|ExSIG|761697
0.77KVVS2 $3,762 Lady's RingMarina Bay SandsEx|Vg|ExSIG|761694
0.74LVS1 $3,096 Lady's RingBugisEx|Ex|ExSIG|752130
0.85MVS1 $3,299 Lady's RingNexEx|Vg|ExSIG|760664
0.72NVS2 $2,478 Lady's RingMarina Bay SandsEx|Ex|ExSIG|752129

Normal Cut Collection


CaratColourClaritySELLING PRICE18K SETTINGOutletCut/ Symmetry / PolishCertificate/ Barcode
0.70DSI1 $4,536 Lady's RingNexVg|Ex|ExGIA|757262
0.70DVS2 $5,789 Lady's RingBugisVg|Vg|ExGIA|509607
0.70DVS2 $4,988 Lady's RingHQG|Vg|VgIGI|473253
0.70ESI1 $4,426 Lady's RingMarina Bay SandsVg|Ex|VgGIA|724201
0.71EVS2 $5,107 Lady's RingJoo ChiatVg|Ex|ExGIA|734734
0.70GVS2 $4,329 Lady's RingBugisVg|Ex|VgGIA|727696
0.71GVS2 $4,859 Lady's RingNexEx|Ex|ExGIA|669426
0.71HSI1 $3,853 Lady's RingNexF|G|GSIG|739985
0.74HVS2 $4,255 Lady's RingMarina Bay SandsVg|Vg|ExSIG|683855
0.70IVS2 $3,762 Lady's RingHQVg|Vg|ExSIG|659227
0.72IVS2 $3,922 Lady's RingNexG|G|VgSIG|737660
0.90KVS2 $5,305 Lady's RingBugisVg|Vg|ExGIA|654045
0.70MSI1 $2,119 Lady's RingBugisEx|Vg|ExSIG|730148
0.72MVS2 $2,376 Lady's RingMarina Bay SandsVg|Vg|VgSIG|729883
0.70NVS2 $2,195 Lady's RingHQVg|Vg|ExSIG|730032
0.71NVS2 $2,218 Lady's RingJoo ChiatVg|Vg|ExSIG|730150
0.71NVS2 $2,218 Lady's RingMarina Bay SandsVg|Vg|ExSIG|729887
0.75NVVS2 $2,522 Lady's Ring With Side DiamondsJMVg|Vg|ExSIG|760881


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