0.50ct to 0.69ct

Heart & Arrows





CaratColourClaritySELLING PRICE18K SETTINGOutletCut/ Symmetry / PolishCertificate/ Barcode
0.50DSI1 $3,109 Lady's Ring NexEx|Ex|ExGIA|771440
0.50DVS1 $3,813 Lady's Ring BugisEx|Ex|ExGIA|790960
0.51DVS1 $3,862 Lady's Ring ParkwayEx|Ex|ExGIA|790959
0.51DVS1 $3,973 Lady's Ring HQEx|Ex|ExGIA|790980
0.50DVS2 $3,582 Lady's Ring With Side Diamonds NexEx|Ex|ExGIA|793198
0.50DVS2 $3,586 Lady's Ring With Side Diamonds BugisEx|Ex|ExGIA|793199
0.51DVS2 $3,595 Lady's Ring Joo ChiatEx|Ex|ExGIA|788804
0.51DVVS1 $4,585 Lady's Ring BugisEx|Ex|ExGIA|792037
0.51ESI1 $3,519 Lady's Ring With Side Diamonds ParkwayEx|Ex|ExGIA|789000
0.50EVS1 $3,517 Lady's Ring HQEx|Ex|ExGIA|793200
0.50EVS2 $3,325 Lady's Ring With Side Diamonds ParkwayEx|Ex|ExGIA|786990
0.50EVS2 $3,355 Lady's Ring Joo ChiatEx|Ex|ExGIA|793201
0.51EVS2 $3,646 Lady's Ring With Side Diamonds BugisEx|Ex|ExGIA|732900
0.522FSI1 $4,558 Men's Ring With Side Diamonds Joo ChiatEx|Ex|ExIGI|746540
0.50FVS1 $4,306 Lady's Ring With Side Diamonds Joo ChiatEx|Ex|ExGIA|790956
0.50FVS1 $3,416 Lady's Ring BugisEx|Ex|ExGIA|793202
0.50FVS1 $3,317 Lady's Ring ParkwayEx|Ex|ExGIA|793203
0.50FVS2 $3,115 Lady's Ring NexEx|Ex|ExGIA|790145
0.51FVS2 $4,523 Men's Ring BugisEx|Ex|ExGIA|776326
0.51FVS2 $3,102 Lady's Ring Joo ChiatEx|Ex|ExGIA|793206
0.52FVS2 $3,197 Lady's Ring HQEx|Ex|ExGIA|765905
0.52FVS2 $4,046 Lady's Ring With Side Diamonds NexEx|Ex|ExGIA|784074
0.53FVS2 $3,246 Lady's Ring BugisEx|Ex|ExGIA|773797
0.53GVS1 $3,952 Lady's Ring With Side Diamonds BugisEx|Ex|ExGIA|790953
0.53GVS1 $3,258 Lady's Ring BugisEx|Ex|ExGIA|790955
0.51GVS2 $3,819 Men's Ring NexEx|Ex|ExGIA|763837
0.52GVS2 $3,035 Lady's Ring HQEx|Ex|ExGIA|752866
0.53GVS2 $3,698 Men's Ring HQEx|Ex|ExGIA|699239
0.50GVVS2 $3,022 Lady's Ring BugisEx|Ex|ExSIG|739984
0.53HSI1 $2,585 Lady's Ring HQEx|Ex|ExSIG|787412
0.52IVS2 $2,615 Lady's Ring HQEx|Ex|ExGIA|772319
0.56IVS2 $2,587 Lady's Ring BugisEx|Ex|ExSIG|752041
0.58IVS2 $2,486 Lady's Ring BugisEx|Vg|ExSIG|786875
0.50IVVS2 $2,569 Lady's Ring NexEx|Vg|ExSIG|786887
0.52JVS1 $2,275 Lady's Ring Joo ChiatEx|Vg|ExSIG|765588
0.54JVS1 $2,213 Lady's Ring HQEx|Vg|ExSIG|787264
0.57JVS1 $2,315 Lady's Ring NexEx|Ex|ExSIG|777829
0.58JVVS1 $3,083 Lady's Ring ParkwayEx|Ex|ExGIA|738003
0.58JVVS2 $2,717 Lady's Ring HQEx|Ex|ExGIA|784082
0.54KVS1 $1,918 Lady's Ring Joo ChiatEx|Vg|ExSIG|786874
0.57KVS1 $2,037 Lady's Ring NexVg|Vg|ExSIG|786737
0.55KVVS2 $2,029 Lady's Ring ParkwayEx|Vg|ExSIG|786873
0.60KVVS2 $2,216 Lady's Ring ParkwayVg|Vg|ExSIG|788806
0.59LVS1 $1,938 Lady's Ring NexEx|Vg|ExSIG|787263
0.53LVS2 $1,829 Lady's Ring ParkwayEx|Vg|ExSIG|777836
0.55LVVS2 $2,296 Lady's Ring BugisEx|Ex|ExIGI|738408
0.53MSI1 $1,595 Lady's Ring NexEx|Vg|ExSIG|777831
0.59MSI1 $1,936 Lady's Ring ParkwayEx|Ex|ExSIG|737796
0.56MVS2 $1,759 Lady's Ring BugisEx|Vg|ExSIG|756471
0.51NSI1 $1,635 Lady's Ring Joo ChiatVg|Vg|ExSIG|680120

Normal Cut Collection


CaratColourClaritySELLING PRICE18K SETTINGOutletCut/ Symmetry / PolishCertificate/ Barcode
0.50DVS2 $3,136 Lady's Ring BugisVg|Ex|ExGIA|764825
0.51DVS2 $3,107 Lady's Ring ParkwayVg|Vg|VgGIA|765015
0.50EVS2 $2,855 Lady's Ring BugisVg|Ex|VgGIA|742499
0.50EVS2 $2,846 Lady's Ring HQVg|Ex|VgGIA|752865
0.50EVS2 $2,835 Lady's Ring Joo ChiatVg|Vg|VgGIA|764822
0.50EVS2 $2,947 Lady's Ring NexVg|Vg|ExGIA|742530
0.54GVS2 $2,252 Lady's Ring Joo ChiatVg|G|GSIG|784084
0.50HVVS1 $2,872 Lady's Ring NexG|G|GSIG|731279
0.51ISI1 $1,855 Lady's Ring Parkway Vg|Vg|ExSIG|773535
0.61KVS1 $2,409 Lady's Ring NexVg|Vg|VgGIA|666807
0.50KVVS1 $2,102 Lady's Ring HQEx|Ex|ExGIA|741867
0.52KVVS1 $2,088 Lady's Ring ParkwayEx|Ex|ExGIA|739878
0.50K (FBR)VVS2 $1,902 Lady's Ring Joo ChiatVg|Vg|VgGIA|729004
0.50LVS2 $1,298 Lady's Ring BugisVg|Vg|ExSIG|786388
0.52LVS2 $1,958 Lady's Ring HQEx|Ex|ExIGI|737987
0.59LVS2 $1,512 Lady's Ring HQVg|Vg|ExSIG|786376
0.59LVS2 Lady's Ring Yerushalmi%JI%
0.62LVS2 $1,622 Lady's Ring ParkwayVg|Vg|ExSIG|786371
0.52LVVS2 $1,637 Lady's Ring BugisG|Ex|VgIGI|694641
0.51MVS2 $1,715 Lady's Ring ParkwayEx|Ex|ExIGI|737988
0.56MVS2 $1,283 Lady's Ring HQVg|Vg|ExSIG|786377
0.58MVS2 $1,395 Lady's Ring Joo ChiatEx|Vg|ExSIG|786389
0.59MVS2 $1,408 Lady's Ring NexVg|Vg|VgSIG|786357
0.62NVS2 $1,399 Lady's Ring HQVg|Vg|VgSIG|786375


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