What is Starrs™

Meyson Jewellery Starrs Hearts & Arrows

When seen through the Starrs™ Hearts & Arrows diamond viewer, one can clearly see eight symmetrical arrows when viewed from the top of the diamond table and eight symmetrical hearts when viewed from the bottom of the diamond. Normal round cut diamond cannot match the Starrs™ Hearts & Arrows diamond in terms of its brilliance, fire and scintillation.

Starrs™ diamond is an internationally recognised standard Perfect Cut Hearts & Arrows diamond.

Since centuries back, diamond master cutters, optical experts and gemologists had proven that 57 facets is the best to create optimum brilliance and fire.

Originally designed by mathematician Marcel Tolkowsky in 1919, only when a diamond is cut at precise angle and ratio, will it release perfect brilliance and fire.

In order to achieve these proportions, a diamond master cutter must sacrifice much more of the valuable diamond weight in order to yield a diamond of extraordinary brilliance.


Meyson Jewellery Starrs Hearts & Arrows

Meyson Jewellery Brilliance & Dispersion & Scintillation


• Assuring the value of 4Cs
• Know what you are buying
• Laser inscription on diamond girdle
• Has trade-in value

The Hearts and Arrows certification is issued strictly following the Natural Diamond Council (NDC) standards, assuring the excellent combination of cut grade, symmetry, polish and proportion of a diamond.

Be aware that although some certificates have the words “H&A” under comments, “H&A” is not a grading of Hearts and Arrows, it just states what is inscripted on the diamond’s girdle.




Grading the cut of a polished round brilliant diamond involves visually assessing the diamond’s face-up appearance. It consists of 3 components: Brilliance, Dispersion and Scintillation.

BRILLIANCE is the intensity of white light return for a diamond through internal & external reflections. DISPERSION is the separation of white light into rainbow colours through internal & external refractions. SCINTILLATION is the sparkle and flashes when a diamond is moved and light reflected from all the diamond’s facets.

Why Light Performance is Important?

• Measures sparkle and brilliance of a diamond.
• Shows how well a diamond handles light.
• Certifies it is a Hearts & Arrows diamond.

Meyson Jewellery Light Performance Certificate





• Each diamond above 0.12ct:

• Laser inscribed with certificate number and ST logo on the girdle.

• Even diamond from as small as 2 points (0.02 to 0.12ct) is laser inscribed with the unique logo.

• 2 points (0.02ct) diamond is as small as diamonds seen on a watch frame.


These guarantees it is a Hearts & Arrows Perfect Brilliance diamond.


Meyson Jewellery Starrs Hearts and Arrows Diamond