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2.00ct to 2.99ct

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WeightColorClarityCutSymPolFluor.LabCert #LOOSE DIAMOND
2.00GSI2VGEXEXSTGGIA1249555490 $22,376
2.00HSI2EXEXEXSTGGIA6252156555 $22,338
2.00IVVS1VGEXEXFNTGIA5206816110 $27,970
2.01FVS2EXEXEXNONGIA6252672183 $46,539
2.01FVS2EXEXEXNONGIA5181193804 $48,426
2.01FSI1VGGEXFNTGIA6157210976 $34,476
2.02FVS1EXEXEXNONGIA2257060869 $52,402
2.02IVVS1VGVGEXFNTGIA7191407626 $28,250
2.02IVS2GGVGNONGIA2181248451 $23,730
2.03FVVS2EXEXEXNONGIA3195022643 $62,362
2.04DSI1EXEXEXNONGIA7251522720 $46,170
2.05DSI2EXEXEXNONGIA1249522953 $34,520
2.06FSI1EXEXVGMEDGIA5141384517 $35,333
2.16DVS1EXEXEXSTGGIA2185024486 $60,703
2.18DVVS2EXEXEXNONGIA2254005447 $86,813
2.18JVVS1EXEXEXNONGIA5256208847 $29,764
2.18JVVS2EXEXEXNONGIA2185429183 $28,276
2.19KVVS1EXEXEXNONGIA5226600082 $29,151
2.21GVVS1EXEXEXNONGIA1248291330 $54,481
2.28JVVS1EXEXEXNONGIA2185129603 $28,968
2.36DVVS2EXEXEXNONGIA5172784834 $93,981
2.50FSI2EXEXEXNONGIA1243364593 $40,818
2.51DVS2EXEXEXNONGIA5182440785 $78,892
2.52DSI1EXEXEXNONGIA6187196710 $64,440

3.00ct to 3.99ct

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WeightColorClarityCutSymPolFluor.LabCert #LOOSE DIAMOND
3.00KVVS2EXEXEXNONGIA7246690713 $51,510
3.01EVS2VGEXEXNONGIA7193684285 $104,397
3.01FSI1VGVGVGFNTGIA5193627755 $76,029
3.01GVS1EXEXEXFNTGIA5246707252 $105,881
3.03JVS1EXEXEXNONGIA2185200855 $54,298
3.03KVS1EXEXEXNONGIA2244861153 $45,646
3.06JVVS2EXEXEXNONGIA7248989766 $58,897
3.09EVS1EXEXEXNONGIA2267202693 $162,603
3.09FVS2EXEXEXFNTGIA6195515563 $121,820
3.20ESI1EXEXEXMEDGIA1182265320 $87,078
3.20LVVS1EXEXEXNONGIA6241457754 $43,824
3.28KVVS1EXEXEXNONGIA7173927435 $60,340
3.61IVS1EXEXEXNONGIA3195188689 $92,245

4.00ct and Above

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WeightColorClarityCutSymPolFluor.LabCert #LOOSE DIAMOND
4.09IVS1EXEXEXNONGIA2171107603 $114,321
5.01KVS1EXEXEXNONGIA2246114690 $125,345
5.06FSI2EXEXEXMEDGIA1186569653 $133,854
5.08FSI2EXEXEXNONGIA1176584553 $188,570
5.09KSI2EXEXEXFNTGIA2181253526 $86,146
5.24LSI1EXEXEXNONGIA2181221921 $96,611
5.38FSI2EXEXEXSTGGIA2173606076 $137,728
6.30MSI1EXEXEXNONGIA5181573858 $100,315




Remarks: 1. Pricelist was last updated on 16-Aug-2019
2. Viewing is by appointment only
3. All prices stated are inclusive of GST
4. To check for availability of stones and outlets, please call Customer Hotline : 1800-8414141 (Operating Hours: 11am to 8pm daily)
5. Item available while stock lasts, on first come first serve basis. No reservation is provided
6. Terms & conditions not stated herein will follow the terms and conditions stated behind the cash sales receipt
7. Meyson Jewellery reserves the right to amend any terms and conditions without any notice
8. Prices and availability are subjected to change without notice
To View by Appointment:
1. Requires minimum 3 to 7 working days after receiving deposit
2. A deposit of $1000 payable in Cash, Visa or Master is needed per stone
3. The deposit can be used to purchase other items or can be fully refundable
4. If deposit is paid in cash, the cash refund will be processed within 2 working days
5. If deposit is paid in Visa or Master, the refund will be processed within 14 working days
6. The prices stated are not eligible for interest-free installment payments and cannot be used in conjunction with other vouchers or promotional offers

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