Meyson Jewellery Starrs Love Embrace Diamond RingMeyson Jewellery Starrs Love Embrace Diamond Ring

Love’s Embrace Diamond Ring

Diamond Ring Code: DR1664FM2/DR1827FM2

Available in the following Alloy: 18K White Gold  / 18K Rose Gold

DR1664FM2  18K White Gold from 6/0.96 F SI  1/0.22 F SI1  $4,798 onwards

DR1664FM2  18K Rose Gold from 6/0.90 E VS  1/0.21 E VS1  $5,032 onwards

DR1827FM2  18K White Gold from 6/0.50 F VS  1/0.15 F VS $2,755 onwards

DR1827FM2  18K Rose Gold from 6/0.48 G VS  1/0.15 G VS $2,805 onwards


The centre 7 pieces of Starrs™ Hearts and Arrows diamonds are surrounded by a halo of glittering diamonds. With 7 individual international grading certificates, laser Starrs™ logo and certificate number on the girdle, it is a captivating ring that exudes extraordinary brilliance. Resembling a pair of hands embracing precious love, its elevated layered setting lifts the brilliant diamonds into the light.